It was so much fun. I think I was pretty good, but looking back at these videos and the rules, I am not sure I remember how to play correctly! Two of the participants the holders face each other several feet apart, and position the string around their ankles so that it is taut. The third player the jumper stands between the two sides of the rope and must accomplish a series of increasingly difficult moves without making an error. The position of the string is raised as the jumper moves through the levels, from ankle to shoulder height and higher. ... Read More
While trying to perform a spell to transform into a vulture, he is accidentally transformed into an ass. This leads to a long journey, literal and metaphorical, filled with inset tales. He finally finds salvation through the intervention of the goddess Isis , whose cult he joins. The date of composition of the Metamorphoses is uncertain. This surviving Greek text appears to be an abridgement or epitome of "Lucius of Patrae's" text. ... Read More
Both of the actresses went topless in their respective films while stars like Miley Cyrus , 22, are constantly showing off their breasts in social media shots. However, the main reason for her topless cover art is for album sales. HollywoodLifers , what do you think of former Disney Channel stars going topless after their Disney days? Portrait Series Expand Menu. Fashion Features. ... Read More
By Chelsea White. Britney Spears did her best to blend in with the other soccer mums on Sunday in Los Angeles, California. And the Grammy Award winner was in a great mood as she watched her boys play. But, in true Britney fashion, she suffered yet another one of her infamous wardrobe malfunctions. Britney may have had a great day but her decision not to wear full underwear, or underwear at all, ensured other soccer mums got an eyeful of the artist's behind. ... Read More
Never got love from a government man Heading downstream till the levee gives in What can I do to get the money We ain't got the money, we ain't gettin' out. Heading downstream till the levee gives in And my dreams are wearin' thin All I need's relief I need, I need some sympathy. Look at me I just can't believe What they've done to me We could never get free I just wanna be, I just wanna be Look at me I just can't believe What they've done to me We could never get free I just wanna be, I just wanna dream. All of my life been wadin' in Water so deep now we got to swim Wonder will it ever end How long, how long till we have a friend. Comin' down, feelin' like a battery hen Waves won't break till the tide comes in What will I do in the sunrise What will I do without my dreams. ... Read More
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