The Input-Output IPO Model is a functional graph that identifies the inputs, outputs, and required processing tasks required to transform inputs into outputs. The model is sometimes configured to include any storage that might happen in the process as well. The inputs represent the flow of data and materials into the process from the outside. The processing step includes all tasks required to effect a transformation of the inputs. The outputs are the data and materials flowing out of the transformation process. ... Read More
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Forgot password? Don't have an account? This introduction to the book provides an overview of past feminist debates in analytic philosophy on the topic of pornography, focusing on the aspects of subordination and silencing. It presents some critical questions of the current debate, such as whether the subordination claim stands up to scrutiny, whether the silencing claim is plausible, whether pornography objectifies, and whether it serves as subordinating speech. The chapter outlines various directions that the debate could take in the future and does so in this volume. ... Read More
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Buy Issue It is a disparity that remains starkly drawn between the sexes. But what about the erotic identity of the opposite sex? The male form remains reticent in galleries and the media at large, and its appearance can cause something of a stir. They are at turns violent, assertive and intimately tender——as arresting today as when they were first taken. ... Read More
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YouTuber Austin Jones has been locked up for 10 years for persuading girls as young as 14 to send him sexually explicit video of themselves. Jones, from Bloomington, Illinois, was arrested in and pleaded guilty earlier this year to one count of child pornography. His guilty plea comes after allegations in May that he lied about his age to get underage girls to send videos of themselves twerking. Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at webnews metro. Follow Metro. ... Read More