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Higher education HE has an important mission to generate new knowledge and prepare graduates for positions of leadership and responsibility in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex and competitive world. During the past three decades, higher education institutions in developing countries have witnessed a multifold increase in enrollments. Resources, both public and private, have not kept pace with escalating enrollments and costs. In many countries rising demand and enrollments, undifferentiated access policies, exclusive public funding, underutilization of professional staff, overly theoretical curricula, and inappropriate teaching methods have led to high unit costs, high dropout and repetition rates, low completion rates of graduates, and the production of graduates whose skills and specializations do not reflect those needed in the labor market. Notwithstanding the general crisis in the quality and efficiency of HE in the developing countries, the conditions of HE vary significantly across geographical regions, both between countries in a single region and among institutions in the same country. ... Read More
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Top definition. However, it never caught on when compared to "I'll be back" also spoofed in Last Action Hero , " Hasta la vista, baby " or "Get to the chopper", which will always be Arnold's top catch phrases. Jack Slater : You've seen these movies where they say "Make my day" or "I'm your worst nightmare "? Well, listen to this one: Rubber baby buggy bumpers! Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers unknown. ... Read More
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Metrics details. Recent ecological studies have suggested that inadequate nurse staffing may contribute to the incidence of adverse events in acute care hospitals. However, longitudinal studies are needed to further examine these associations and to identify the staffing patterns that are of greatest risk. The aims of this study are to determine if a nurse staffing levels are associated with an increased risk of adverse events, b the risk of adverse events in relationship to nurse staffing levels is modified by the complexity of patient requirements, and c optimal nurse staffing levels can be established. A dynamic cohort of all adult medical, surgical, and intensive care unit patients admitted between and to a Canadian academic health center will be followed during the inpatient and 7-day post-discharge period to assess the occurrence and frequency of adverse events in relationship to antecedent nurse staffing levels. ... Read More